Our service

JUMBORAX OEM has a long history and deep expertise in all facets of the castings business. JUMBORAX ships 5000 containers annually, so we have access to a vast global logistics network. This enables us to deliver efficient, cost-effective products and solutions to our OEM customers.

JUMBORAX OEM can manufacture pump casings, valve bodies, brake calipers, impellers, counterweights, H Frames, and precision castings—to name but a few—and we can produce virtually any casting item required by our customers.

JUMBORAX OEM delivers on what customers need most: quality; efficiency; and cost. Our worldwide global network and diversified supplier base ensure that customers receive competitive pricing and prompt delivery each and every day. JUMBORAX OEM delivers OEM parts in excess of $60MM per year. This huge scale gives us incredible purchasing power with our suppliers and yields sizable influence and mind-share on their factory floors.